The Hypocrisy of Greed:

Spiritual Warfare in the Era of Trump

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  • How spiritual warfare impacts our lives in politics and religion.
  • A detailed revelation and explanation on President Donald Trump.
  • A journey is made through time to see, face, and deal with the residue of slavery. The journey may get a little choppy, but it will smooth out along the way as we lend our hearts to the process.
  • God really is trying to bless us in a climate that seems chaotic and confusing, but there is a caveat.
  • Spiritual warfare is explained using revelation, awareness, mandate, and prayer.

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About the Author

Angela Green About

Author, Angela Green, wrote The Hypocrisy of Greed: Spiritual Warfare in the Era of Trump. I started writing based on a single revelation that God had given me to explain why Donald Trump became President. During this process, it hit home for me first and I began to make changes in my own life. God wants the best from us and for us. I pray that many receive what they need by way of healing and restoration.