Ghostwriter Plus

Author and Ghostwriter, Angela Green, is able to write your story with insight, movement, and life.

Who should write a book?

If your family’s rich history is missing from library shelves, you should write a book. If you have a story from an incident or your life that others must hear, you should write book. If you would like to document the triumph or hardship of your ancestral history for your next family reunion, anniversary, birthday, or celebration, you should write a book. If your story (including love story) will help, heal, or make others happy, you should write a book. If you would like to pass your story on to the next generation, you should write a book.


If you want to write a book, you should write a book.

A sample of my work is recommended before committing to the full book. With some one-on-one meetings (or phone calls), any documentation, and some research, it is possible to develop your book. A sample of my work told in your story is recommended.

A 5-page sample for your book, $200

A 10-page sample for your book, $300

PLEASE NOTE: An estimated assessment of the number of words or pages it will take to complete the book in full. If you only want me to write the story or if you want a written story including the printing of your book, I will include the costs to help accommodate you. If you like the writing sample of your book, then that fee will reduce the overall costs, should you commission me to write your book. If the sample is not quite what you are wanting, then there is no further obligation. All fees for written samples are nonrefundable. Book minimums: at least 102 pages and a minimum of 10,000 words.

Give me your foundation and I will build your story to life in a book.

If you would like to request a written sample or to have book written, please complete the following:

  1. What is the subject matter for your book?
  2. Is it fiction or nonfiction?
  3. What messages do you hope your book tells?
  4. What is your reason for writing your book?
  5. Is there anything else you think that I should know about your book?